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I am from oatmeal,
served fresh in the morning,
with a brown sugar dress, and raisin sequins
I am from penalties and corners,
Part of a center forwarded game
I am from the dainty Japanese maple, whose tender limbs,
once provided a scarlet seat,

I am from the delicate Kawai,
upright and ebony, sounding each morning,
a single flaw etched into it’s spotless exterior

I am from the corroded brandy table,
minuscule pits of sadness scratched into it’s front
From the upside-down stink horns, residing in the crevices of mildewed fir bark

I am from dirt covered cuticles,
jagged nails, a bruise or two embodied into my skin

I am from rich pumpkin pie,
creamy whipped cream,
From Mom’s delicious gravy covered chicken
I am from Chai in the evening,
from Hola and Bonjour
From A job worth doing is a job worth doing well

Hidden notes to self,
pages of markings,
in a shuffle of half shreddd loose-leaf
Kept safely,untouched ,
in it’s own glass case

In….It’s own imaginary Louvre


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What is such a pure color?

Might it be a dove, soaring the skies?

Free, away from the arguments of the world

Is it as pure as love?

The feeling of bliss?

Or the clouds up in heaven

Sweet smells of jasmines

Blooming in a garden

Scents drifting away in the cool air

Would it be the sky at dawn?

Embroidered with fog?

Or snowflakes falling gently from the sky.

Sweet sugar icing, upon a cake.

Is it that?

Seven colors.

To form only one.

White is a mystery.

I do wonder,



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Trees rustled softly in the wind and crickets chirped.  It was a cold night.  I trembled under my blanket.  The air had a misty, damp smell and the only noise I heard in my tent was the swift shaking of the hood as it swayed in the soft winds of the night.

I pulled the blanket over me,  zipped all the windows shut and snuggled to keep me warm.  I could not move much either on a airbed as they would bounce and the sheets would slip off exposing the cold top of the bed.  Slowly staring into the night sky, making shapes out of the stars visible thru the nets on top of the tent, I must have dozed off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, the Sun shining thru all possible vents in the tent, a pinkish grey color radiated through the helpless tent.  The lake across from our tent shimmered with the reflecting light of the sun.  Some early birds had already hit the water with their paddle boats and little yachts.  I woke up to take in the morning glory and decided to jog.  Jog all the way up to the breakfast area.  Yeah, it was already 7:30am – thinking all along, “Hope I am not late for Breakfast.”

Some habits die hard!!! Ciao. Pooja

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2004-030.jpgFirst time I went to School…..by Pooja Kini

I hid behind my mother’s arm, squeezing her hand tightly. What is school going to be like? Is it fun? I am only two! It is way too early!! This Montessori thing, I did not like it one bit!! “Mom, I don’t want to….” I kept telling my mom. I did not want to go. A scary lady popped out of nowhere. I was surprised to see her and wondered, ” Where did she come from?”

“Hi!” she exclaimed. “I am your teacher, Libby! We are going to have a lot of fun! What is your name?” I looked at mom to ask her if it was alright to tell her. Because, I knew never to talk to strangers. She nodded yes, and so I told Libby my name. Just after that, Libby took me over to the crammed classroom! “Bye Mom!” I shouted loudly. Ms. Libby told me to sit on the rug for story time. As I did so, something queer caught my eye! I’d never seen it before! Amidst the classroom crowded as a beehive, I spotted it, in the middle of all the reds, greens and blues. Just smack in there, was a rope. What then looked like a rope. Not just by itself, but tied to a kid’s shoe. Little did I realize that it was shoe lace. I had never worn shoes with laces and this was quite amusing to me. “Oh NO!, he is tied up so he cannot run”! I crawled across to him and pulled the rope. It came out. “Yeah! I said to myself”.

Ms Libby called out loudly, “Pooja, go to the library and put your head down!”. I cried, scared and wanting to go home.”Now”, she called. Sniffing, I ran! Hot tears blurred my eyes and dyed my cheeks bright red. It was only a few minutes until Ms. Libby soothingly called, “Pooja, please come here”. I did so. ” You cannot pull shoe laces”! I nodded. “Come on, let us have some fun!” Suddenly, I wanted to come back to school with Libby, tomorrow!

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I Can Make A Difference

By conserving water… one drop at a time

By saving the forest… one tree at a time

By flexing power… one room at a time

I Can Make A Difference…..

By caring for the homeless… one blanket at a time

By fighting poverty… one meal at a time

By helping cure juvenile diabetes… one child at a time

I Can Make A Difference….

By making all smile… one face at a time

By spreading joy… one Christmas at a time

By sharing love… one heart at a time

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This past weekend has been a very interesting one for me. The pondering question was “What really matters?”.

Doing what we do, chasing what we chase and trying to analyze what we analyze, I was left catching myself put a framework for the thought process.

Everything starts with a thought. If there were no thoughts, there would not be all those elements that tend to get put into motion. It could be activity, conflicts, action, response, reaction, analysis etc.,

It is possible for a human mind to create awareness. More sensitivity we develop, we tend to create more awareness. So a simple thought in our mind can create awareness or awake awareness. Sometimes possibly awareness about multiple things at the same time. Often times, human mind catches on to any one of the thoughts that awakes some significant awareness about something that is tucked away in the mind or occurring around us. Either way, it is the thought that tends to empower the following notions.

Now, human mind has become aware of a a thing or multiple things and decided to orient the thoughts towards it. This enables us to have choices. The deeper we think of a subject, topic or a thing, we are capable of uncovering multiple choices. I believe, in this process, choiceless-ness is also a choice. Just as inaction is also a valid response like action.

In each situation, we are left with multiple choices that create a conflict in the human mind. Which of the choices to act upon? It is important to train the mind in a methodical way to ensure that the process is simple, consistent and encompasses all parameters (applying lateral thinking if need be). Here comes the factor of Choiceless-ness .

Philosophical and Spiritual approaches have a very simple allocation of action at this stage. If choiceless-ness is a choice or leaves with just an alternative choice, accept it as a duty and act with all sincerity. This will lead you to harmony and what we famously call “Peace of Mind”. It is our inability to execute on a thought or lack of awareness of all factors or the guilt of having made the wrong choices (without being able to come to terms with the outcome) that causes grief and dejection.

The challenge comes when there are multiple choices. At this stage, I believe, it would be simple to first figure out what choices are controllable and which ones are not controllable. If any of the choices are not within your control, we must choose to ignore them, work thru them or surrender to them.

However, if any of the choices are controllable, ensure that they are very relevant to your context and act on it. Once we accept the choices we make, we have to learn to abide by it with courage, discharge it like it was our duty with all sincerity and it will lead us towards harmony.

This train of thought led me to put a flow chart that will enable me nurture, condition and moderate my thoughts, actions and deeds to have the right awareness necessary to make the choices I make. Once I make the choices, to come to terms with it and accept the action necessary to be taken as a duty with all sincerity and execute it. The outcome is something not in my control to a large extent.

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

Meaning: Do your duty and be detached from its outcome,
do not be driven by the end product, enjoy the process/the journey of getting there.

I wanted a framework to ensure that this process will also condition a balanced living and 360 degree development of self. That led me to think of yet another framework – influenced by the book 7 habits of Highly Effective People – mostly the concept of “First Things First”.

Irrespective of what thoughts I get and what I need to act upon, I could broadly categorize it under one of the following buckets.

PHYSICAL : If I believe God to be in me, my body is the temple housing HIM. I will take good care of it by keeping healthy, eating healthy, working out, staying fit etc. (about 8 hours a week)

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL : I will continue to build the human network of healthy relationships in the personal and professional scheme of things believing that each human relationship is a Gift. (About 6 hours)

MENTAL:I will invest in the relationships that matter to me, read material that will generate wisdom and not just knowledge, keep my IQ and EQ in a healthy range to maintain good balance of the mind. (About 6 hours a week)

SPIRITUAL: I will continue to invest in my chosen path of spirituality to make it the primary purpose of my life and ensure sincere adherence to my practice.(About 8 hours)

Again, taking cue from the framework of First Things First, I would call any activity against these four buckets as the proverbial “BIG ROCKS”. Even if I choose to allocate 6-8 hours against each of the above buckets every week, I notice that I have consumed only 24-32 hours of the week towards hours of activity to myself each week. Most of these get attended to either early in the day or later in the day or weekends. Thus leaving the work hours open to accomplish one’s career goals or aspirations (note not ambitions).

This framework I believe will be a work in progress. Nevertheless, a simple effective framework that can be applied to the various roles we play in our daily lives to abide by. I could easily allocate an activity a week, against each of my roles, to the buckets above and find myself in perfect harmony with myself at the end of a week if they are all achieved. It is possible for us to put extra emphasis on one or two of the above buckets sometimes to achieve a complete balance. However, without this guiding light, we will only be working our lives with a bunch of “to-do-lists” that are mostly reactive, unimportant and causing false urgencies.

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My Favorite Tree by Pooja

Tall, Strong

Represents California

Big, Bold

There is a whole forest full

Never ending life,

Very Peaceful,

The California Redwood,

Is not deciduous!

This tree is my favorite

Because it is free,

It stands for my State,

Which is in a free Country!

Even though, bad things happened in the past,

The hope and bravery in this tree will always last!

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