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2004-030.jpgFirst time I went to School…..by Pooja Kini

I hid behind my mother’s arm, squeezing her hand tightly. What is school going to be like? Is it fun? I am only two! It is way too early!! This Montessori thing, I did not like it one bit!! “Mom, I don’t want to….” I kept telling my mom. I did not want to go. A scary lady popped out of nowhere. I was surprised to see her and wondered, ” Where did she come from?”

“Hi!” she exclaimed. “I am your teacher, Libby! We are going to have a lot of fun! What is your name?” I looked at mom to ask her if it was alright to tell her. Because, I knew never to talk to strangers. She nodded yes, and so I told Libby my name. Just after that, Libby took me over to the crammed classroom! “Bye Mom!” I shouted loudly. Ms. Libby told me to sit on the rug for story time. As I did so, something queer caught my eye! I’d never seen it before! Amidst the classroom crowded as a beehive, I spotted it, in the middle of all the reds, greens and blues. Just smack in there, was a rope. What then looked like a rope. Not just by itself, but tied to a kid’s shoe. Little did I realize that it was shoe lace. I had never worn shoes with laces and this was quite amusing to me. “Oh NO!, he is tied up so he cannot run”! I crawled across to him and pulled the rope. It came out. “Yeah! I said to myself”.

Ms Libby called out loudly, “Pooja, go to the library and put your head down!”. I cried, scared and wanting to go home.”Now”, she called. Sniffing, I ran! Hot tears blurred my eyes and dyed my cheeks bright red. It was only a few minutes until Ms. Libby soothingly called, “Pooja, please come here”. I did so. ” You cannot pull shoe laces”! I nodded. “Come on, let us have some fun!” Suddenly, I wanted to come back to school with Libby, tomorrow!


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